Texas Based Atlas Maior to Perform on Going Deep with Billy Harfosh

International World Jazz group Atlas Maior will join Billy Harfosh on his weekly radio show Going Deep on September 4th at 15:00.  The award winning Texas based group will speak about their eclectic melodies, diverse musical traditions and perform an intimate concert live at Barcelona City FM. 

Press Release:

Atlas Maior Announces Upcoming Tour in Spain

Austin, TX-based world music fusion group to perform in Barcelona, Andalusia region, and at Pueblos Blancos Music Festival in Spain: September 1 – 10th, 2017

Austin, Texas – The world music fusion group Atlas Maior has announced their upcoming international tour in Spain September 1st through 10th, 2017.  The instrumental world music trio will play shows in Barcelona, including a performance at 23 Robadors on September 1st and  a live in-studio exclusive with “Going Deep with Billy Harfosh” on Barcelona City FM on September 4th.  Atlas Maior is also performing throughout Spain’s Andalusia region, including a show at Sala Milwaukee in El Puerto de Santa María on September 6th, and September 7th-9th as an official performing artist of the Pueblos Blancos Music Festival, a series of concerts, meetings & cultural exchanges with international bands and local artists in the beautiful mountain villages of Ronda, Montejaque, Grazalema & Villaluenga del Rosario, Spain.  

Atlas Maior welcomes opportunities for additional bookings, local media interviews, performance reviews, or other opportunities including educational workshops and demonstrations in Barcelona September 1st-5th.

About Atlas Maior:
Atlas Maior maps diverse musical traditions, placing Jazz, Middle Eastern, and Latin American musical idioms in dialogue with one another.  The group composes music that pays homage to the stewards of these traditions and their cultural and geographic origins. Band members Joshua Thomson (alto saxophone, flutes), Charlie Lockwood (oud), and Ted Camat (percussion) create a unique sound that balances intimate moments of sincerity with powerful melodies and incendiary rhythmic passages.  Thomson and Lockwood write original melodies exploring maqamat (the Middle Eastern modal system) and harmonic progressions of American jazz.  Percussionist Ted Camat applies a wide variety of rhythms and traditional percussion instruments including the Middle Eastern dumbek, Peruvian cajón, and Brazilian pandero.

In October 2015 Atlas Maior released their fourth studio album Keyif EP.  Keyif  received positive reviews and media placement from KUTX, Austin’s National Public Radio affiliate network, All About Jazz, World Music Central, UTNE Reader, Midwest Record and more.  Atlas Maior has toured internationally in Turkey and Spain, and has received  hometown recognition with the proclamation of “Atlas Maior Day” on March 27, 2014 by Austin’s City Council. They have opened for internationally acclaimed artists Vieux Farka Touré and Tal National, and have performed at music festivals including Wobeonfest, Art Outside, SXSW, and the City of Austin’s F1 Fan Fest.  The group has collaborated with a host of talented musicians in Austin and from around the world, including Atash, Fared Shafinury, Lou Lou Ghelichkhani of Thievery Corporation, Layalina, The University of Texas at Austin Middle East Ensemble Bereket, The Austin Global Orchestra and many more.

For more information, promo requests, or set up an interview, please contact:
Joshua Thomson, Silver Phantom Booking  
[email protected]



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500,000 people say “No Tinc Por”

Half a million people marched Passeig de Gràcia this Sunday protesting against terror attacks and for peace. The march was led by the King of Spain Felipe VI, Spanish president Mariano Rajoy, Catalan president Carles Puigdemont and city major Ada Colau.

The general tenets were solidarity, peace and highlighting that this was not just about a conflict with Islam

Some of the banners read: “Imagine a country that does not sell arms”, “Felipe, whoever seeks peace does not sell weapons” and “NO jihad and no crusades”. People were also holding flags, most of them Catalan and Spanish, but also some Bolivian, Venezuelan and Tibetan flags amongst others as well.

The biggest applause was for the police, who are regarded as dealing with the aftermath and investigation very well.

The biggest boos were for the king as he drove away past people that supported independence and during political interviews afterwards.

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The politics of peace

The march for peace, scheduled for 18.00 today, will be led by Ada Calau who said in La Vanguardia  Barcelona has spoken to the world. Because what has happened is a global phenomenon that other cities suffer, but in Barcelona the first reaction has been a strong and ironclad unity, truly “Not tinc por”.

Up to 100,000 people are expected and people are encouraged to arrive early as there are many travel disruptions in the meeting area.

16,000 protestors were seen in Cabrills also protesting for peace and included representatives of the Muslim community stating that the men who committed the terrorist acts did not represent them.

The President of the Generalitat, Carlos Pudigemont has accused Spain’s Prime minister Marianna Rajoy of politizing the subject of security following the attacks, highlighting that Spain has not increased resources to the Mossos despite numerous requests. It has also become apparent that one of the intelligence failures running up to the attacks was that the CIA had informed the National intelligence agency in Spain of a possible attack but this had not been passed on to Catalan security authorities.

Catalan police are not without blame, however.  Intelligence provided by Belgian authorities concerning the Iman, Es Satty, now known to be the architect of the attacks who was blown up in the house explosion in Alcanar was passed to authorities but not acted upon.  National police organisations are also complaining about being left out of post attack investigations by Catalan authorities.




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One of the suspect’s of last week’s terror attacks, freed

In the aftermath of last week’s attacks, Salh el Karib, has been freed, but his passport confiscated  and will be required to attend court at least once a week. He was one of the four  people arrested after the attacks in Les Rambles in Barcelona. On Tuesday, Mohammed Alla was also released given that the evidence against him was not solid enough according to the judge. On the other hand, Driss Oukabir and Mohammed Houli Chemlal have been charged with murder, membership of a terrorist organization and possession of explosives.

Juan Ignacio Zoido, Spanish Minister of Interior, has confirmed that Spain’s terrorist threat remains at level 4.

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March for peace in Barcelona

Civil society organizations and Barcelona’s Ajuntament are joining forces this Saturday to host a march for peace against terror this Saturday afternoon in Passeig de Gràcia.

This is partly a response from some political groups against the minute of silence hosted in Plaça Catalunya the day after the attack, since these groups find some of the attendants at that event (like Mariano Rajoy and the King Felipe VI) responsible for collaborating with countries that promote terrorism. This Saturday’s march is going to be focused on citizen cooperation and solidarity, acknowledgement for the victims of the attacks and defense of the muslim community. This march will be attended  by many groups and organizations including  representatives from muslim entities, emergency services, taxi drivers, Guàrdia Urbana, Mossos d’Esquadra, city cleaning staff, firefighters, hospital professionals and the residents and professionals from Las Ramblas. The slogan will  be “No tinc por” (“I’m not afraid”)  in different languages.

The march will be starting at 6pm at Jardinets de Gràcia and finishing at Plaça Catalunya.

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Younes Abouyaaqoub, attacker in Les Rambles, dead

Reports confirm that Younes Abouyaaqoub has been shot by Police in Subirats but police action continues, with local residents advised to stay at home and avoid using their vehicles.

Barcelona residents breathe a sigh of relief following the news. “Thank god its coming to an end”, said Pedro Fernandez to BarcelonaCityFM.
Following the terrorist attack on Thursday in Las Ramblas, the Mossos released a picture of Younes Abouyaaqoub asking the public for any information. He was consequently identified by a woman who claims to have seen him in Subirats, in the Penedés region.
The woman approached and asked him what he was doing near her home, causing the suspect to flee. She then called the police who responded quickly and gunned him down. The terrorist was found wearing a suicide belt and screaming “Allahu Akbar”. TEDAX, the Spanish explosives department, are still working to determine if the explosive device was real or fake, like the ones used in Cambrils.

Younes had ran over people in Las Ramblas last Thursday, then escaped through Mercat de la Boqueria and walked to Zona Universitaria. There he stabbed the 15th victim, Pau Pérez and escaped alongAvinguda Diagonal in his vehicle. He drove past a police checkpoint, injuring a policeman and the vehicle was found in front of Sant Just Desvern’s Walden building, but Abouyaaqoub was not at the scene.

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How the media reported the attacks

On August 17th Barcelona experienced a terrorist attack that took 15 lives and injured 126.  We worked together with media companies all over the world sharing the latest updates.

We spoke to BBC World News



– News Talk ZB

LIVE across Los Angeles on 


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Barcelona Terror Attacks

18th of August, the day following the Barcelona Attack

  • Police are raiding a property in Ripoll connected to the suspects in the town north of Catalonia where two arrests have already been made.
  • UK authorities are urgently looking into reports of a missing British child. The Prime Minister said she believed a number of British people have been caught up in the attack. She said the missing boy had dual-nationality (English and Australian). He is still missing as of now. The British Government are working in conjunction with the Spanish and Australian governments to help in the search.
  • The mayor of San Hipolito de Voltrega, Xavier Vilanova, has announced that a 75 year old resident of the neighbouring town and her daughter were in Las Ramblas at the time of the attack. The daughter, Elisabeth, has a fracture to her head but she is stable and still in hospital.
  • The two attacks have caused 126 wounded in total. 61 people have been discharged from hospital by now, with 65 people still hospitalised. Of the 61 people admitted in Barcelona, ​​17 are critical, 25 are serious, 11 less serious and 12 minor. Of the four people admitted to Cambrils, three with serious injuries and one less serious.
  • Catalonia’s Police Chief says there is reason to believe that far bigger attacks had been planned by the group before they were apprehended, but an explosion in an apartment on Wednesday had wasted their resources, forcing a smaller attack to be carried out instead
  • US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirms that one American victim has been identified
  • It has been revealed that the suspected driver of the van in La Rambla may have been one of the 5 men killed in a shootout in Cambrils, but this is as yet unconfirmed. 3 of the 5 suspects have been identified so far.
  • The Catalan Police force have reopened the roads. Public transport has resumed and all metro stations have reopened in the surrounding area
  • Barcelona has “sent a very clear message to the terrorists”, says the Catalonian President Carles Puigdemont.
    Mr Puigdemont, said: “We woke up concerned, but also determined to win – to win this battle against terrorism, doing it in the best ways our society has: solidarity, freedom and respect.”
    Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said terrorism was a “global battle”.
    “It is not only against us, it is against all those that defend democracy, freedom and human rights,” he said.
    On Saturday, Mr Rajoy said he will go to Madrid to decide whether the country’s terror threat level – which is currently at level 4 – should be increased as a result of the attacks
  • The Queen of England has released a statement sending her thoughts to those affected, saying “it is deeply upsetting when innocent people are put at risk in this way when going about their daily lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and the people who are recovering in hospital. Please convey our heartfelt sympathies to all who have been affected by these appalling incidents.”
  • Spanish Media have named the suspect of the killings as 18-year old Moussa Oubakir, who is suspected of stealing his brothers’ documents to rent the van that ran through the popular tourist street
  • La Rambla – 34 nationalities have suffered injuries or loss of life, with 14 dead and 100 injured in total. 26 French are injured, 11 in serious condition. 2 Catalans from Rubi and 3 Italians are injured. 3 Germans and 1 Belgian have been killed, with 15 other Belgian tourists in critical condition. 3 Australians were injured and 1 seven year old boy from Australia (now identified as Julian Cadman) is missing with his mother in serious condition.
  • In Cambrills, 5 people in a car wearing fake suicide belts tried to unsuccessfully evade police control before 4 of them were killed in a police shooting, the remaining man died of his injuries later in hospital.
  • Spain is on level 4 out of 5 for terror attacks.

A man ran past a police control Sant Just Desvern and it is thought that this could be the target of the current police man hunt. This suspect is thought to be 17 year old Moussa Oukabir.

Mossos are asking for anyone with more information to call or email them

If you are worried about relatives please call +34 900 400 012 for more information.

A minutes’ silence was held across Spain at Midday, followed by spontaneous cheers and chants of ‘Viva Barcelona’. A memorial took place in Placa de Catalunya attended by the King of Spain, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Catalan President Carlos Puigdemont and Mayor of Barcelona Ada Calau. The French foreign minister visited today to give condolences, among other foreign dignitaries.

Hospital in Barcelona are in urgent need of translators due to the different nationalities involved. If you can help or know someone who can, please contact them as soon as possible:
– Hospital Vall d’Hebron 934 893 000
– Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau 932 909 100 / 932 919 000
– Hospital Clínic de Barcelona 932 275 400
– Hospital del Mar 932 483 000
– Hospital Sant Joan de Déu 932 532 100
– Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge 932 607 500

People have started to honour the victims by laying flowers, candles, and other items at the site of the attack, singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

We will update with more information once we receive it.

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200 Years of the Gracia Festival!

We love Gracia!

Summer in Barcelona means attending more parties than you can shake a stick at, but no doubt one of the biggest and most impressive is the Fiesta Major de Gracia. Every Barcelona barrio has a street party to celebrate the local culture and businesses and provide an opportunity to get smashed, but the Gracia festival from the 15th – 21st of August every year is an eagerly anticipated event that will see 1.5 million people heading up to the spectacular streets. Already well-known for its artistic displays and bohemian style, many of the district’s streets themselves are transformed by locals and local businesses into creative and original displays and themes, with a prize awarded on Wednesday evening for the most impressive.

Most of the placas in the neighbourhood have built stages ready for musical performances, with local artists and dancers showing off their stuff into the small hours of the morning. The old traditions of the region are preserved here too, with performances of castellers (human pyramids), drum parades and corre focs (fire runs). This is a family friendly event too, with events also being held to get the kids involved. This year will be a particular treat as it marks the 200th anniversary of the fiesta, and 120 years since Gracia was incorporated into the city of Barcelona itself, so be sure not to miss it.

Programmes with full details of the events of the week are available around the district for a €1 that include a map of the hotspots and events that will surely be an unforgettable experience like no other. A map of the barrio can be found here.

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Tottie talks to Yukimi Nagano at Sónar Festival 2017

Yukimi Nagano

Little Dragon are no strangers to Sonar Festival. Having previously performed twice at Sonar by Day, this year 125,000 festival-goers would get the chance to see their unique and undeniable style of electronic pop at Sonar by Night and for many of us it would be the first time seeing them perform their fifth studio album ‘Season High’ released earlier this year.

Friday night DJ and presenter on Track Family Radio, Tottie, caught up with Yukimi Nagano right before their performance to talk about her personal experiences working in electronic music. “I have always had a lot of support with the guys and the band, it’s definitely harder going it alone as a woman in the industry.We also find out how she prepares for live shows and her top 3 female artists of all time.

Her advice to girls trying to break it into the music industry, “Dont be intimidated by anyone, the sky’s the limit“. So on that solid piece of advise, get out there and show them who’s boss ladies.

This year Barcelona City FM presenters D.N.S & Tottie reported at Sonar Festival on a topic very close to their hearts; bridging the gender gap in electronic music and tech culture and talking exclusively to female artists performing at Sonar Festival 2017 – #WomenInSonar2017.

Catch up on all the interviews on the Barcelona City FM Facebook page and YouTube channel featuring some of the fantastic female artists who performed at Sonar Festival and Sonar+D this year.




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