Going Deep with Billy Harfosh Goes International on Monday

Clare Cunningham the Irish born singer-songwriter and 10 year old Bianca Richelle  the professional actress, model, rapper and dancer of San Fransisco, California will guest on Going Deep with Billy Harfosh this Monday.

Clare Cunningham is the former lead singer of the all female band Thundermother. Dubbed as having a vocal register similar to Adele (GAFFA) and for having a ‘Powerful and killer voice’ from Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) and Phil Campbell (Motörhead) it’s no wonder Clare Cunningham is making waves across the world with her music.   She is now solo and writing songs that fit her artistic aspirations.   Clare will discuss being discovered on YouTube, tattoos and her transition from major success with Thundermother into her career as a solo artist.   “She isn’t afraid to tell the truth, get raw and use the spirits of country, folk and rock when it serves her greater purpose.”  We will be “Going Deep” with Clare Cunningham Monday 18th of December at 3pm.

Bianca Richelle, the charismatic 10 year old is an actress, rapper, dancer and model.   The multi-talented, big eyed, curly haired California artist is a star in the making.   Bianca is promoting her new single, Slide and she is poised to take her career to the next level. “With many things on the horizon this young star is destined for greatness, Bianca aspires to be an all-around entertainer in the fields of dance, acting, and music.”  We will ask Bianca about her 10th birthday, what she enjoys outside of showbiz and what a day in the life of a 10 year old star is all about.  Join us on Monday 18th of December at 3:45pm with Bianca Richelle on Barcelona City FM.

Going Deep is the #1 English Speaking Radio Show in Spain. Each week we introduce Spanish and International Artists to the English speaking audience in Spain and beyond, broadcasting directly from Barcelona. Our guest’s  performances and stories are listened to, watched, and shared throughout the world.  Going Deep with Billy Harfosh is the must do show for all musicians performing in the vibrant city of Barcelona.


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Can you get your groceries delivered to your door in Barcelona?

Victor Roca is a man who understands best marketing practice and so was a natural fit to join the supermarket delivery start-up Deliberry. After 2 years they have fulfilled more than 100,000 orders and are already working in multiple cities across Spain with aspirations to reach more. Technology lies at the heart of their firm matching the demands of impatient shoppers with the fresh goods provided by 28 supermarkets across Barcelona.  For any members of the international community who find it hard to make the time to go shopping, www.deliberry.com has the answer.

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Puigdemont’s tough choice

Carles Puigdemont

The Spanish judge, Llarena, has just annulled the European arrest warrant against Puigdemont and the other four ex-consellers, who are in Belgium. The judge decided to withdraw these orders before the Belgian Justice decides within the next 14 days if he delivers them to the Spanish Justice or, on the contrary, considers that there are no grounds for criminal prosecution.

Llarena explains that, once those investigated have shown their willingness to return to Spain to stand for elections in Catalonia on December 21, the European arrest warrant can be revoked. However, the national detention order is maintained. Which means that as soon as Puigdemont and the other ex-counsellors step on Spanish territory they will be stopped.

Does this mean that the judge believes the original charges were unfounded and was concerned about being humiliated by the Belgian judicial system or is this an invitation from the Spanish Authorities for Puigdemont to become part of the election campaign which formally started today.

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Catalan Ministers Freed! (But 4 remain banged up)

Judge Pablo Llarena announced the continued detention without bail for the former vice-president of the Government of Catalonia, Oriol Junqueras. Also detained are the former interior minister Joaquim Forn and the leaders of ANC  Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart. For the other 6 ex-counsellors of Catalonia who are in prison, the judge agreed to bail of 100,000 euros for each one of them. Shortly after noon the independentist organizations ANC and Òmnium, have paid the necessary financial bond allowing the dismissed consellers to leave the prison this afternoon. The magistrate has imposed weekly appearances at a local court, prohibition to leave the country and withdrawal of passport. The magistrate warned them that failure to comply with any of the obligations imposed would trigger their immediate entry into prison. The judge considers that there is no risk of escape, but commented that the risk of further criminal acts by the four remaining detainees justifies further detention.

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Collaboration Station Event

Cold days are here so let art warm our hearts. Collaboration Station is here again, one of the most unique and versatile events to support local and international artists. Organised by Barcelona celebrity Abi Fantastic.

Collaboration Station is a platform where unique and original artworks are exhibited accompanied by live music, performers, fashion and food.

Join us this Saturday from 4pm to 2am.

Hear the radio commercial here.


Check out the event here


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Nobody loves taxes, but knowing the rules can make all the difference!

Silvia Gabarro from GM Tax Consultantcy

On Friday the 1st of December we chatted with Sílvia Gabarró i Font from GM TAX CONSULTANCY about Spanish Taxes. Whatever your situation, if you are living here in Spain you need to hear this! Maybe you are about to Inherit money or set yourself up as an autonomo, now is the time to talk to an advisor to get yourself set up.

Silvia said “IVA is one of the most complicated taxes in Spain and if you are selling products to other EU nations, depending on the product will affect whether you should add IVA or not”

Also watch out if you are a non-EU citizen and are about inerit capital, you will fall under Spanish rules and not benefit from the significant Catalan rebate.

For more information contact them at http://gmtaxconsultancy.com/en/

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