Blaumut Joins Going Deep with Billy Harfosh on Monday

Blaumut is one of Spain’s most celebrated bands.   Vassil Lambrinov and Xavi de la Iglesia began to make homemade recordings in 2003, testing and experimenting with different sounds.   In 2009 the group began performing in small venues in Barcelona, sharing their “folk pop” and passion for music with a small diehard fan base.  Blaumut signed a record contract with Picap in 2011, publishing their first album “El turista” in September of the following year.  Since the release of their first album,  Blaumut has experienced  continuous growth thanks to its first success “Pa amb oli i sal” which was exclusively featured during  football matches of FC Barcelona at Camp Nou Stadium.   In  2013 they were awarded with the Cerveri Awarad for IIetres per a conco for their musical version of the poem “I beg your pardon”, by Salvador Espriu.   The song has more than 3.6 million views.  Through hard work and talent Blaumut is now one of the most prominent bands in Spain.

Blaumut will be making their second appearance on Going Deep with Billy Harfosh  this Monday at 3pm on Barcelona City FM to discuss their latest work Equilibri (2017), Global Music .   Blaumut plays a hometown show here in Barcelona on February 2nd at Sala Razzmatazz for more info and tickets please visit:

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Launch Yourself into Media World This Weekend

It’s about time to start working on those New Year’s resolutions, isn’t it? If one of yours was to learn something new, take an interesting course or move forward in your career, this weekend could be easily the breaking point for you. Barcelona City FM is organizing another one of the successful radio training and this time it will be big!

Launch yourself into radio is an intensive weekend training which covers all the crucial parts of becoming a radio personality – a talented DJ, radio show host or an audio producer. The course will introduce you to all the necessary areas of radio station work, no matter whether you want to be behind the mic or the mixing desk.

We start with easing you into the art of radio show production, including audio streaming and live streaming and teach you how to plan your show and handle the technical difficulties. After this, we guide you through the world of radio hosting, help you with your interviewing technique, correct possible mistakes and lead you through the tricky world of overused words, microphone issues and boring topics. Once we handle the world of radio talks, it will be about time to mentor you thought audience strategies, help you to find your niche and at last, we will go through the art of branding and marketing, in order to help to get your name recognized.

This time we also introduce a special guest lecturer Jon Akbar, former head media trainer in SEA Miami will talk about his successful YouTube channel and vlogging.

The course consists of four hours of learning and two hours in the studio, where you will have your time to test out your new skills and learn more. The course will take time this weekend, 27th and 28th of January 2018 from 10 AM and you can still sign up on our website Barcelona City FM.

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The night of UK House and Garage is coming this Saturday

Barcelona City FM presents another night filled with classic UK House and Garage. Old school tracks will be blending with the latest remixes as the four DJs will present themselves on the stage.

Flying all the way from London, Barcelona City FM’s DJ Katty will be headlining the evening. As he is on the scene for over a decade, he knows exactly how to mix that real UK sound. Three more DJs will present their music – Mc Timer, a special guest from London, Simon Boulind and J Russ.

As this is the one and only UK Garage event in the Barcelona we guarantee you pure UK garage vibes. Last four events were a full house, so come to grab your spot this Saturday, 27th of January from 11PM to 3:30AM at Garage 442 Avda. Diagnol 442.



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Actor Peter Malek Joins Going Deep on Monday

Peter Malek has already had an exciting 2018. The American actor has appeared in National Geographic’s “The Long Road Home” and he will be in the upcoming blockbuster film “12 Strong” alongside Chris Hemsworth.  “12 Strong” is the true story of American special forces sent into Afghanistan on horseback to fight the Taliban. What those 12 men achieved in three weeks is said to be one of the biggest military triumphs in history.  12 Strong opens in theaters on January 19th.

Malek will discuss the differences of TV and film acting, working with stars in the film industry, having a stunt double and who his dream co-star would be.  Tune into Going Deep with Billy Harfosh this Monday 15th of January at 4pm to learn more about Malek’s career, from nursing school to the bright lights of Hollywood.


12 Strong Movie Trailer:

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CNN’s Clarissa Ward joins Going Deep with Billy Harfosh on Monday

Clarissa Ward is a multi-award winning senior international correspondent for CNN.  Ward has been recognized for her reporting  across the globe including four Emmy Awards,  Peabody, DuPont,  Murrow and a Royal Television Society award for CNN’s coverage of the attacks in Paris.  Ward has covered the 2011 Tsunami in Japan for ABC news,  the war in Afghanistan, Ward and her team braved sniper-fire and aerial bombardments in the Syrian city of Aleppo.   On August 8, 2016, she spoke to the United Nations regarding the situation in Syria based on her 10+ years’ experience of being a war correspondent.

On Monday Clarissa Ward will join Going Deep with Billy Harfosh to discuss her latest report on the conflict and famine in Yemen.  Over 3 million people have been forced to leave their homes in 2017 and are now living in camps under inhumane conditions.   Clarissa Ward’s report has helped to shed some light on the crisis in Yemen and has gained attention from people all over the world, including United States President Donald Trump.  Ward joins Billy Harfosh on Barcelona City FM 107.3 at 4pm


Clarissa Ward’s CNN Report on Yemen Crisis

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