How closely do you match your star sign?

Working together with we met some Barcelona Celebrities to discover how close to their star sign their personalities really are.

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Have you been thinking about getting your teeth whitened or just sprucing up your smile?

We are partnering up with the British Dental Clinic and we’ve got you covered!

Every day this week, we will be posting a picture of a location in Barcelona. You will have to guess the correct area the picture shows. The more answers you are successful in answering, the more your name will be in the running for 50% off your service or FREE TEETH WHITENING with the British Dental Clinic. Be sure to check our Facebook every day and comment your answer. The winner will be announced in the upcoming week.

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The British Dental Clinic awarded for services to the homeless

Congratulations to Dr. Alistair Gallagher from The British Dental Clinic of Barcelona for being awarded for his services to the homeless. The Rotary Club of Barcelona has recognized Dr. Gallagher for his selfless dedication to ensure that everyone deserves dental health, whether or not they can afford it.

The British Dental Clinic of Barcelona offers great service for all customers. One customer, Gigi Regina, has expressed her great experience: “Alistair and Jo were super sweet and talked me through the treatment…I think I have finally overcome my fear for the dentist”.

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We want to know what you think about us!

Time flies! Since we started in December 2015, we have had amazing guests,  hundreds of shows and thousands of hours of music. The question is what have you liked and what would you like to hear more of. Please click on this link and take 2 minutes to answer our survey one person will be selected at random and invited to guest host our morning show!


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First ever real estate special

We we’re delighted to have Raf Jacobs with Inspire Boutique Apartments. This was our first real estate special! Jacobs discussed with Jim Kent different ways to get the most from investing into the Barcelona real estate market.

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Instead of going to prison, you buy a hotel?

Despite Leo Messi being found guilty of tax evasion, he has proceeded to buy a four-star, €30 million hotel in Sitges. Wow! This major investment for Messi is a 77-room building, just behind the beach with a huge panoramic terrace overlooking the city. The hotel will be ran by the Majestic group, who curiously used their holding company Rosotel to close the deal.

It is very interesting that with recent events of Messi’s financial news, he remains in the media for making such a purchase. Jumping right back into life and spending money like it never happened. In regards to the location of Messi’s hotel location, Sitges is known as one of the area’s biggest LGBTQ communities. Is Messi trying to reach the LGBTQ or does he just like the area? Surely, he knows who his guests will be in the hotel, mainly tourists and the LGBTQ community.

The beach is an outstandingly beautiful area. We shall see how the outcome of Messi’s purchase will affect the area and the people of Sitges.

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Full house at Business Start Up Event