DJ Robbie King

Every other Friday evening from 9-11pm we welcome DJ Robbie King to Barcelona City FM 107.3! Currently based in Luxembourg and born in Frankfurt, this energetic DJ will lift you with his upbeat grooves.

Robbie King has always been into high energy music, which trails back to when he was mixing vinyl at a very young age. Whilst living in Essex, England,  he was drawn into the UK Garage and Drum&Bass scene and his affection for Electronic Dance Music started in his early 20s, listening to the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Daft Punk, Justice etc.

His goals are to never stop learning and challenging himself and he wants to produce his own music and work with more artists.

Concerning his DJ life – Robbie said “I love it. Having been a DJ for roughly two years, I have met amazing people, created great memories and enjoyed the support of my family and friends on the way. Shout-out to my fans, of course!”

“I have certainly come out of the starting block, but I am nowhere near the finish line!”

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What a Freak Week

Sponsor: Underlucky Stars

According to a research made in the Loma Linda University, in Califórnia (USA), laughing is healthy.

Besides being such a good habit, laughing may reduce the risk of heart disease, upgrade the levels of good cholesterol in the blood, clean your lungs, improve the digestion, and strengthen the immune system!

So, do you need a pick up, needing some motivation?

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Nathan Quinn : Sunday’s from 3pm

Mixologist * MC * Producer

Drawing from more than twenty years of experience, Nathan pilots his audiences in a continuous dance journey across a richly woven tapestry of sound which runs the gamut from old school anthems, deep and funky house grooves to mesmerizing tribal beats, dreamy trance or progressive hard house to present “big house” vocal anthems and ingeniously remixed Pop music. As a result, Nathan has built a reputation for delivering multi-layered performances, which are inspirational! “Music to me is the language of Angels – the one communication which connects us beyond ourselves”.

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