Discover TV Presenting, Producing and Editing in a week.

The world of TV is changing. Traditional broadcasters now have to present, design and produce their content with online audiences in mind. That is why we have created this training course to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Barcelona is the ideal place to develop your TV expertise whilst enjoying everything that the Mediterranean has to offer.

BCN Radio hub will host courses to cover all the inner workings of a TV station, both in front of and behind the camera. This includes presenting in and out of the studio, directing, producing, filming, and editing. We will work with you to create a video show reel by the end of the course. Participants will have the choice to declare a specialization, such as news or sports, so that the video reel will be tailored to each individual’s aspirations.

Trainers Include :

Ainoah Sorrosal: Newsreader on National TV

Arnau Ballaster : Producer for Barcelona TV and Producer of a number of ongoing major Television productions

Elena Trullàs : Director of Barcelona Radio Hub and Broadcasting Trainer

Jim Kent : Owner of BarcelonaCityFM

Language : this course is in both Spanish and English, with a native speaker trainer from each language present.

Two Course Options: 

One Week Intensive:

  • Start Date: August 17
  • Cost: €500

8 Week 2 Hour Sessions:

  • Start Date: July 12 (Every following Wednesday)
  • Cost: €500

Session 1

Introduction to TV. How did it all start and what does the future look like?

The world is changing away from channels so is there still a space for TV?

Who is doing what role ? Understand the importance of people in front of camera and people behind. How is Spanish media different from the UK and USA?

What is good and bad presenting,? You decide as we review videos of other presenters.

As with all sessions we will give you an opportunity to be both behind and in front of the camera and include a 5 minute face to camera recording in the studio per student per session.

Session 2

Visit to Betevé

Come and visit one of the leading TV production studios in Barcelona, meet the team and see behind the scenes. Learn the basics of TV camera operation. Understanding of focus, light, angles, camera mixing and editing.

Session 3

Reporting events from outside of the studio.

This session will take you out of the studio with a cameraperson and audio engineer.

Discover the challenges of working in a real -time Live environment, thinking on your feet and problem solving with only 30 seconds to spare.

Session 4

Develop your understanding of filming and working as a camera operator

This technical training session will include the many aspects of how to get the best filming results with the various cameras used in TV broadcasting.

Session 5

In front of the camera

This session we will develop your in front of camera skills and provide as much time in front of the camera as possible. How to mix studio and outdoor content. By the end of the session we will edit a 5 minute clip of you to take away and review for next week, What are your good points and your weaknesses. Don’t worry we have time to fix them1

Session 6

Internet based TV

Involves streaming to multiple platforms each of which have their own rules and technical requirements. It is time to get familiar with the technical side of exporting, live editing, streaming and camera mixing in real time. We will help you how to fix problems both behind and in front of the camera.

Session 7

Smartphone filming

Is a skill needed by all students. When you need to capture the action in front of you NOW. Interviewing techniques dealing with the unexpected. How to ask open and closed questions. When to interrupt. Good use of body language

Session 8

It’s time to go LIVE

The studio will operate as though it is in LIVE mode with each student getting the chance to be in front of and behind the camera.

At the end of the course each student will be given a show reel of themselves made from the content collected during the course.

(Additional sessions are available upon request including for Spanish speakers that wish to raise their English to broadcast level.)

For the latest availability, Fees and to book your place please email [email protected]

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FAQs for Media training courses

Do I have to do the whole course?

We have designed the course for you to have the best possible chance of breaking into Radio. If you have already studied broadcasting or have a high level of audio production skills then you may wish to not attend certain sessions. Let us know what you would like!

Do I get a certificate at the end?

Yes we award all students that complete all 8 sessions a BCFM accreditation.

I want to study TV not radio can you help me?

Yes we will also be running a dedicated 8 week training course in TV presenting and production also very soon.

When is the payment due?

The best way to reserve your space is to pay in advance using PayPal. However you can also pay when you arrive for the first session.

If there is one session when you cannot attend if there is space the next day you can attend then instead. Please give us 24 hours notice of the change.


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Launch your media career from TODAY!

Do you want to launch yourself into the media industry this is the perfect course for you. Eight, 2 hour weekly, sessions where you will get a complete oversight of the radio industry and real hands on experience in the studio in every session.

Your trainers are international radio professionals that have been in the industry for more than 20 years.

Upon completion of all 8 sessions and the creation of your show reel as assessed by external industry professionals you will be awarded the BCFM radio certificate of excellence. You can choose to study further or we will support you in the distribution of your show reel to radio stations.

Frequency : weekly 2 hour sessions.

Number of students: maximum 8 people

Number of sessions: 8 Sessions for Radio Presenting and Production

Location, 67 Carrer Roc Boronat, Barcelona. 08005. 1 minute walk from llacuna metro station

1)      Timeline of radio to today 26/7/2017

            How did it all start? Transmitting from Luxembourg and then the North sea, what happened to AM? Why did FM grow to become the dominant technology. Why did DAB work in the UK but not in continental Europe? Why did DRM fail? What is the future for radio in Spain?

 2)      Radio strategy and formatting 2/8/2017

            Every station has a strategy but what need is it meeting? How can you identify what audiences want and if they are listening? Is radio still relevant for advertising, who are the competitors? Does the audience want chat or music? How does this affect the content strategy?     

3)      Music or talk? It’s all about the audience 9/8/2017

            Who is the target audience? What are their gender, age, music preferences and social interests? When are they listening and how can you engage with them? How can you adapt your style of content and delivery?

 4)      Working the mixing desk, microphone technique  16/8/2017

What are the basics of the mixing desk, microphone technique, music management, using recording and production software. How can you set up streaming software for both audio and video. Trouble shooting when you are under pressure.

5)      How to prepare your show and writing the perfect radio link. 23/8/2017

Every DJ is required to entertain or provoke thought in some way. How can your links put a smile on people’s faces whist still communicating the message you wish. Not all presenters need hours of preparation but having some content ready makes the difference between good and exceptional presenters. We show you how to prepare a show outline and content for your shows in the most effective way.

6)      Radio Presenting with power and interview techniques 30/8/2017

Once you have mastered all the basics above, it is time to fix any bad habits. All of us quickly develop annoying habits for the listener, overusing words, or repeating subjects. Talking too much or not enough. Allow us to listen to you and feedback any errors you are making.

Interviewing is an art form, getting the best out of guests, allowing them space to express themselves whilst not allowing an interview to become an audience loser. Friendly open questions and tough closed questions, we equip you to ask the right questions at the right moment.

7)      What to do after your show: Technical 6/9/2017

For many radios stations, more people listen to the repeat of the show than live. So achieving excellent distribution is really useful. We run through the popular options for music, and talk radio.

How to embed an audio player in your website. How to create a smartphone application. How to broadcast video direct to a facebook page, you tube channel, a web page or smartphone app.

8)      Marketing for radio 13/9/2017

Pre-show marketing, live marketing and post show marketing. Different social media serve different purposes. The importance of branding and community building. It’s time to get known.

Interested? Get in touch!  [email protected]

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