Oxfam admits several aid workers hired prostitutes after earthquake in Haiti

The non-governmental organization Oxfam has been embroiled in a scandal after the British newspaper The Times published on Friday that some of its workers hired prostitutes in Haiti during the post-earthquake relief operation in 2010. The NGO, which receives 340 million euros a year from British government funds and public donations, has acknowledged that there was an internal investigation and that several people have been dismissed for these events. The internal report of the humanitarian organization “did not rule out the existence of minors among the exploited,” according to The Times.

After the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010, a senior official of the organization hired young prostitutes. The publication cites a source who claimed to have seen images of an orgy in which sex workers had Oxfam shirts. According to his account, groups of young prostitutes were invited to homes and lodgings paid by the organization for sexual parties.

According to the newspaper, Oxfam opened an internal investigation in 2011 that determined that there was a “culture of impunity” among some employees but they were unable to know if any of the prostitutes were minors. According to The Times, Oxfam country director Roland van Hauwermeiren resigned without any disciplinary action, although he allegedly admitted hiring prostitutes. In addition, two more workers left their jobs and four were dismissed, but the Haitian authorities were not informed and no legal action was taken.

Written by Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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DJ Robbie King

Every other Friday evening from 9-11pm we welcome DJ Robbie King to Barcelona City FM 107.3! Currently based in Luxembourg and born in Frankfurt, this energetic DJ will lift you with his upbeat grooves.

Robbie King has always been into high energy music, which trails back to when he was mixing vinyl at a very young age. Whilst living in Essex, England,  he was drawn into the UK Garage and Drum&Bass scene and his affection for Electronic Dance Music started in his early 20s, listening to the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Daft Punk, Justice etc.

His goals are to never stop learning and challenging himself and he wants to produce his own music and work with more artists.

Concerning his DJ life – Robbie said “I love it. Having been a DJ for roughly two years, I have met amazing people, created great memories and enjoyed the support of my family and friends on the way. Shout-out to my fans, of course!”

“I have certainly come out of the starting block, but I am nowhere near the finish line!”

Keep up-dated:

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A Black Mirror Episode or China’s reality?

What others would classify as science fiction has already become reality in China. Since the beginning of the new year, with millions of people passing through the railway stations every day, agents are able to identify passengers accused of having committed a crime only with glasses. For some this seems magical, for others it implies the danger of rapid advance of artificial intelligence in China.

The system has been successfully tested in Zhengzhou, capital of the overpopulated province of Henan. The agents, equipped with tinted glasses that incorporate a small camera, are located in all entrances of the high-speed station in the city. The camera is able to capture all the faces of passers-by, an information that crosses with the police database and looks for matches with the list of suspects of having committed a crime. The results are known almost immediately on a mobile device similar to a tablet.

Using this technique, the police have arrested seven suspected criminals so far since February 1. But not only does the system look for alleged criminals, but also verifies everyone’s identity who gets scanned. Therefore, 26 passengers got arrested for travelling with fake IDs.

China is deploying new technologies to monitor people in ways that would unnerve many in the West. Facial recognition has been rolled out in many aspects of every day life in the country, where there are few concerns over privacy.

Written by Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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Cadíz: Failed attempt to free drug lord

Over 20 hooded men broke into the La Línea hospital in Cadiz on Tuesday afternoon. Their mission was to take a detained drug lord with them. The two guarding policemen were unable to prevent the incidence and only managed to arrest one person. The search for the other fugitives continues.

The narco ended up in the hospital after a persecution in which he was arrested, according to sources confirmed by the National Police. This arrest occurred early in the afternoon, when a citizen security patrol of the police noticed the presence of S.C.D., a person belonging to the criminal clan of Los Castañitas. He was known to the security forces because he was already under police order. After trying to escape on a motorcycle, the suspect fell off the vehicle in the area of El Zabal, one of the points of activity of drug trafficking in the town. Therefore, the two policemen decided to transfer him to the hospital to receive adequate health care.

During his stay at La Línea hospital, several SUVs arrived at the emergency door and from there the covered people entered the facilities by force. They made their way to the detainee with the intention of taking him with them. The two agents could do little to avoid the escape, despite trying to struggle with the assailants, according to the police sources.

Written by Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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Getting to Madrid has never been cheaper

Good news for enthusiastic travellers between Barcelona and Madrid! Instead of paying at least 107€ for this three-hour train ride, Renfe is now working on a low-cost version of the AVE, which will be called EVA. This service will become operational in 2019 and will be about 25% cheaper than the current offering.

The Minister of Development, Íñigo de la Serna, announced the news this Tuesday in el Prat de Llobregat. Those responsible for the project EVA call the new train the “train of the future” and “train of intelligence”. Apart from the price factor, the EVA will have Wifi on board and there won’t be any physical tickets needed. Instead, identification will be carried out via facial or hand recognition. Also, tickets can be combined with other means of transport to ensure a smooth travel experience from origin to destination.

Other probable perks of the EVA will be the desks that allow groups of up until six people to sit together, video services and an exclusive department for pets or sport equipment. The new service will operate five times per day and will transport 1.05 million passengers per year. The objective, starting next year, is to progressively extend the new EVA to other High Speed lines.

In order to attract especially younger travellers, the prices for the EVA trains will be between 20% and 25% cheaper than previously.


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Saturday Radio Training

Do you wanna become a badass radio presenter? Are you interested in having a career at the radio? Come and join us this Saturday 10th only at Barcelona City FM. We will make your Saturday morning unforgettable!

You will learn following things:

How to prepare your show and write the perfect radio link 

Every DJ is required to entertain or provoke thought in some way. How can your links put a smile on people’s faces whilst still communicating the message you wish? Having some content ready makes the difference between good and exceptional presenters. We show you how to prepare a show outline and content for your shows in the most effective way.

Radio presenting and interview techniques 

All of us quickly develop annoying habits for the listener such as overusing words or repeating subjects. Allow us to listen to you and feedback any errors you are making. Interviewing is an art form, getting the best out of guests, allowing them space to express themselves whilst not allowing an interview to become an audience loser. Friendly, open questions and tough closed questions, we equip you to ask the right questions at the right moment.

What to do after your show: Technical 

For many radios stations, more people listen to the repeat of the show than the live version. So achieving excellent distribution is really useful. We run through the popular options for music and talk radio. How to embed an audio player on your website. How to create a smartphone application. How to broadcast video directly to a Facebook page, YouTube channel, a web page or smartphone app.

Marketing for radio 

Pre-show marketing, live marketing and post-show marketing. Different social media platforms serve different purposes. The importance of branding and community building is crucial. It’s time to get noticed.

For more information email  [email protected]

Also, check our training website http://training.barcelonacityfm.com/

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Venezuela remains in crisis. Is the U.S helping or hindering the recovery?

Last Sunday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the U.S. is still considering restricting the sale of oil from crisis-torn Venezuela and that the U.S. would call for fair and verifiable elections in Venezuela.  Presidential elections in Venezuela are to be held on the 30th of April this year and Tillerson claims his actions are to end the crisis in Venezuela and make President Maduro “return to the constitution”.

Tillerson also stated that he is looking for ways to soften the repercussions sanctions would have on U.S. oil companies, Venezuelans and other countries relying on Venezuelan oil. The U.S. oil industry says that a ban on petroleum imports from Venezuela would hurt U.S. jobs and drive up gasoline costs. Such sanctions pose a great threat to Maduro, since Venezuela is highly dependent on U.S. oil exports, particularly for importing food and medicine, which are extremely short in supply.

Standing next to Tillerson at the news conference in Buenos Aires, Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie said his country would follow the possibility of oil and fuel sale restrictions, but said sanctions “must never harm the Venezuelan people.”

Just a few days ago, the Spanish head of government Mariano Rajoy, instead of focusing on the independence issue, stated that the actual problem in Venezuela is the country’s President Maduro since he is not only disregarding the rules of democracy but thereby pushing people to their limits. The inflation rate has risen above 1,000% and the GDP has fallen drastically, posing great problems such as accessing food and medicine.

Concerning malnutrition, the Caritas Foundation of Venezuela registered an increase of 72% in Venezuela’s poorest regions this year. According to nutritionist Susana Raffalli, necessary measures to solve this problem have not been implemented and many consider the current crisis to be the worst in the country’s history.

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Blaumut Joins Going Deep with Billy Harfosh on Monday

Blaumut is one of Spain’s most celebrated bands.   Vassil Lambrinov and Xavi de la Iglesia began to make homemade recordings in 2003, testing and experimenting with different sounds.   In 2009 the group began performing in small venues in Barcelona, sharing their “folk pop” and passion for music with a small diehard fan base.  Blaumut signed a record contract with Picap in 2011, publishing their first album “El turista” in September of the following year.  Since the release of their first album,  Blaumut has experienced  continuous growth thanks to its first success “Pa amb oli i sal” which was exclusively featured during  football matches of FC Barcelona at Camp Nou Stadium.   In  2013 they were awarded with the Cerveri Awarad for IIetres per a conco for their musical version of the poem “I beg your pardon”, by Salvador Espriu.   The song has more than 3.6 million views.  Through hard work and talent Blaumut is now one of the most prominent bands in Spain.

Blaumut will be making their second appearance on Going Deep with Billy Harfosh  this Monday at 3pm on Barcelona City FM to discuss their latest work Equilibri (2017), Global Music .   Blaumut plays a hometown show here in Barcelona on February 2nd at Sala Razzmatazz for more info and tickets please visit:  http://www.blaumut.com/

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Launch Yourself into Media World This Weekend

It’s about time to start working on those New Year’s resolutions, isn’t it? If one of yours was to learn something new, take an interesting course or move forward in your career, this weekend could be easily the breaking point for you. Barcelona City FM is organizing another one of the successful radio training and this time it will be big!

Launch yourself into radio is an intensive weekend training which covers all the crucial parts of becoming a radio personality – a talented DJ, radio show host or an audio producer. The course will introduce you to all the necessary areas of radio station work, no matter whether you want to be behind the mic or the mixing desk.

We start with easing you into the art of radio show production, including audio streaming and live streaming and teach you how to plan your show and handle the technical difficulties. After this, we guide you through the world of radio hosting, help you with your interviewing technique, correct possible mistakes and lead you through the tricky world of overused words, microphone issues and boring topics. Once we handle the world of radio talks, it will be about time to mentor you thought audience strategies, help you to find your niche and at last, we will go through the art of branding and marketing, in order to help to get your name recognized.

This time we also introduce a special guest lecturer Jon Akbar, former head media trainer in SEA Miami will talk about his successful YouTube channel and vlogging.

The course consists of four hours of learning and two hours in the studio, where you will have your time to test out your new skills and learn more. The course will take time this weekend, 27th and 28th of January 2018 from 10 AM and you can still sign up on our website Barcelona City FM.

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The night of UK House and Garage is coming this Saturday

Barcelona City FM presents another night filled with classic UK House and Garage. Old school tracks will be blending with the latest remixes as the four DJs will present themselves on the stage.

Flying all the way from London, Barcelona City FM’s DJ Katty will be headlining the evening. As he is on the scene for over a decade, he knows exactly how to mix that real UK sound. Three more DJs will present their music – Mc Timer, a special guest from London, Simon Boulind and J Russ.

As this is the one and only UK Garage event in the Barcelona we guarantee you pure UK garage vibes. Last four events were a full house, so come to grab your spot this Saturday, 27th of January from 11PM to 3:30AM at Garage 442 Avda. Diagnol 442.



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