It’s a propaganda game.

How many pro Spanish unity protestors were there on Sunday on Via Laietana, 350,000 or 950,000? Depends on who you speak to and which newspaper you read. Whatever your point of view there were a lot and enough to remind us that Catalonia is fundamentally divided on independence.

Spanish national broadcasters continue to report on the list of Catalan based companies that are leaving, most notably La Caixa, Sabadell and Fenosa is this a real economic problem or fearmongering by scared anti-independence campaigners? The economic impact of transferring your headquarters is limited to taxation on profit.  Services don’t move, employees mainly don’t move and many of the shareholders receiving dividends were not here anyway.  That being said the symbolism of Catalonia’s largest companies leaving should be a wake-up call that leaving Spain and therefore the EU, UN and WTO is a big deal and one which should and would take years to fully negotiate and implement.

If Puigdement on Tuesday formally announces the results of the referendum, for which the local press indicate 90% voted “si”, and remains true to his campaign promise, this would give him 48 hours to make a formal declaration of independence. The ball would be in Rajoy’s court to impede this, either by carrot, with an offer of dialogue or by stick by arresting, or threatening to arrest,  members of the Catalan parliament.

We will all know by Thursday.

Are we on a pathway to economic meltdown?

The Newspapers today are full of the economic ramifications of the uncertainty created by the moves towards independence. The two largest banks have grabbed the headlines with Sabadell announcing a move to Alicante and the board of directors of La Caixa will meet today to discuss a move to Palma. We should not be surprised by this, financial services value the ability to sell their services to the widest possible audience without barriers and will  move to the largest centralised market available.

Meanwhile, the chief of Mossos, Josep Lluís Trapero heralded by many Catalans as a hero for not ordering police to violently remove voters last weekend is now being prosecuted for sedition by Madrid for failing in his duties. A reminder that despite many locals considering the Mossos d’esquadra as being a “local” police force they still fall under Spanish law and therefore accountable to the Spanish public prosecutor.

Whats next?

Expect to see a big pro-unity protest on Sunday, this time organised by the SCC, but Monday will be the real show-down, we know that the Constitutional court has ruled that Monday’s parliamentary session where Pugidemont was expected to make a unilateral declaration of independence has been ruled illegal. So if it goes ahead we may see Policia Nacional intervene and arrest members of the Catalan Parliament which in turn will provoke many pro-nationalist Catalans to take to the streets.

For sure there is no end in sight.

Meet our Djs

Who is the real Alex LeBron?

“For me, relocating to Barcelona was about being able to stay true to who I am and who I want to be as a person. In my younger years, I always felt this natural pull towards BCN/Spain largely due to the fact that I was raised in Sweden by a Swedish mother and a Catalan father so I have always had close ties to Catalunya. I spent many summers as a kid in a town called Blanes.

Ever since moving back here in the fall of 2014 (was living in BCN for one year during 2010), my life has been kind of a roller coaster with many ups and downs. Mostly ups, that I feel have elevated me as a person and which has also helped me realize a lot about myself. 

Since then I have managed to become part of a Supertramp tribute band who has been playing consistently during the summer of 2017. Currently, we have scheduled a big concert here in Barcelona Oct 24th in l´auditori BCN. We will be backed by a symphony orchestra, something that has been a lifelong dream of mine. 

Life in Barcelona really caught me off guard in the best way possible, when I got signed up as a model by pure happenstance, fantastic randomness and  spirit. This lead to me shooting campaigns for companies like Playboy, Citroen, Gucci, Smartcar, Hostelworld, Estrella DAMM, Nestle, Uniqlo, Volkswagen etc.

Since I am a musician and music fanatic, I have always had this dream of running my own radio show now during my third year that dream has also realized itself. At the moment I feel really blessed to have been given the opportunity to produce and host my very own weekly show called SHAMELESS EXPOSURE. I sit down with the most interesting and inspiring people of Barcelona and converse with heart and soul. This is something that has proven to be as amazingly fantastic that I was fantasising about as a kid.

All of this has come into my life because of Barcelona’s diversity and acceptance. Something that has helped me to come closer to my inner self thereby attracting all these beautiful things into my life.

So from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, Barcelona for everything beautiful you give us everyday!!!”

The Benefits of Theatre for Children

“All the world’s a stage”. Shakespeare knew it, Beckett knew it, we know it and you should know it too! The performing arts have been proven to be one of the best ways to grow as a person in many different ways. So, why not get children to experience the art of theatre?

As we all know, there are 3 major modes of learning – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Often, children who are more kinaesthetic need to be physically active to experience the world, and to exhaust all of their pent up energy. Most of the time at school and at home, children are taught to sit still and be quiet, and to speak only when they are allowed to. Through singing, dancing, speaking, story-telling and performing, the theatre can provide a massive outlook for children to express themselves in a healthy and independent environment.
To perform in a theatre production takes a handful of people working in a tight-knit group; both on the stage and behind the scenes, everybody is working together towards one single objective. So, this is an excellent way to show children (and adults) how to work together in a team and to help each other to achieve a common goal. Another plus of working in a group is learn to empathise with other people – to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to better understand their perspective.
In a world where we are taught that objectively things can only be right or wrong, theatre is a great way to show children that there is more than one way to answer a question. In a black and white world, theatre can provide a splash of colour to a child’s imagination. Plus, they get to have a ton of fun!

If you are convinced that the performing arts may be beneficial to your children, don’t look further than The Drama Factory located in El Born. The director, Sophie Heydel, has been teaching drama to children for more than a decade and a half, and really sees the benefit that children feel from being on the stage.

Sign up to The Drama Factory for your children to explore their creative abilities, develop self-confidence, communication skills, meet new people, and above all, have a bucket full of fun. For more information about how to enrol, visit the Facebook page at, or drop in at Carrer de Portal Nou 30.

Tension grows as we approach the 1st of October

The scream​ of “independence, independence” won’t stop on the streets of Barcelona. The protest that took place yesterday involved thousands of people shouting for independence and justice. Civil guards arrested 14 people yesterday, a few of them involved important members of the Catalan government. Carme Forcadell (Catalan politician) gave a speech declaring that Spain has attacked the institution and the dignity of Catalonia. She emphasised that it was anti-democratic and the Catalans are free to decide what they want to do with their future.

Today, Catalan’s protest continued in front of “la guarda civil”, where some protestors were previously arrested, with banners proclaiming that “Catalonia is not Spain”, “we are Catalans not Spanish”. As the tension grows, the primer minister Rajoy insists that the referendum is illegal as it is not part of Spain’s constitution, thus they cannot decide for themselves. However, the Catalan government wants to go forward with the referendum.

Even though the referendum was suspended by the constitutional court, Catatonia’s government is doing everything within their reach to go forward with the plan, telling the population to trust them and vote.

The treasury department ruled by Cristobal Montoro has blocked this morning, all bank accounts of the generalitat (the institution under which the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain is politically organised) and from now on, they can only pay bills and use the money if it’s proved that they are not destined for the referendum and it also affects the administration and the companies.

Fábio Whitaker

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The most illegal referendum in the world : Updates

The YES campaign is firmly underway after a major rally in Tarragona last night. Held in the traditional bull ring, police had threatened to prevent the event taking place but did not follow through. The Yes campaign will be dependent on such events in the context of not being allowed any advertisements in the National press apart from state backed Barcelona TV.

Meanwhile 700 Catalan Mayors who are supporting the illegal referendum, have been summoned by the Public Prosecutor, however, it is considered to be sabre rattling by Madrid and unlikely to result in any real action.

Where are the ballot boxes? Is a question many are asking as police had also been given instructions to seize them, but for the moment they are safely hidden in Galicia and not likely to be shipped to Cataluna until the day before the vote.

Will the vote go ahead? It’s likely the police will be given instructions to prevent polling from occurring but its also likely they will not prevent people from actually voting.

The latest polls? In recent years polls had indicated a 50/50 split amongst voters for independence and just two months ago the Yes camp had seen a fall in support. However, the tough approach by Madrid has fuelled support and if a legal referendum occurred today the final result would be too close to call.

FashionFORÇ Radio Show

Charles Daniel McDonald

Editor-In-Chief, International Fashion Director, Creative Director, TV & Radio Presenter, Journalist, Author And Model; Charles Daniel McDonald has over 22 years of experience within the international fashion scene.

The renowned Editor-In-Chief and fashion critic of Contemporary fashion publication FORÇ Magazine presents FashionFORÇ, a prime-time fashion show which takes place every Friday morning from 11:00 – 12:00, with live streaming from the studio.

Charles speaks candidly about contemporary news, views and trends within the European and International fashion scenes from a range of features, discussions and interviews alongside feature blog posts for Barcelona City FM.

Saturday Afternoons

Saturday afternoons have a new sound across 107.3FM.

Middays to 2pm sees Gigi and Butler flirtatiously entertain Barcelona with a mix of classic tunes and groovy remixes which they seem to achieve from under the duvet!

2pm we turn east as Sandro Escobar, originally from the Ural Mountains in Russia but now playing his House tunes in the mix surrounded by more beautiful Russian woman than you can throw a stick at.

3pm we welcome on air Barcelona resident “Jonny Loves House” and indeed loving house music is what Jonny does best.

Texas Based Atlas Maior to Perform on Going Deep with Billy Harfosh

International World Jazz group Atlas Maior will join Billy Harfosh on his weekly radio show Going Deep on September 4th at 15:00.  The award winning Texas based group will speak about their eclectic melodies, diverse musical traditions and perform an intimate concert live at Barcelona City FM. 

Press Release:

Atlas Maior Announces Upcoming Tour in Spain

Austin, TX-based world music fusion group to perform in Barcelona, Andalusia region, and at Pueblos Blancos Music Festival in Spain: September 1 – 10th, 2017

Austin, Texas – The world music fusion group Atlas Maior has announced their upcoming international tour in Spain September 1st through 10th, 2017.  The instrumental world music trio will play shows in Barcelona, including a performance at 23 Robadors on September 1st and  a live in-studio exclusive with “Going Deep with Billy Harfosh” on Barcelona City FM on September 4th.  Atlas Maior is also performing throughout Spain’s Andalusia region, including a show at Sala Milwaukee in El Puerto de Santa María on September 6th, and September 7th-9th as an official performing artist of the Pueblos Blancos Music Festival, a series of concerts, meetings & cultural exchanges with international bands and local artists in the beautiful mountain villages of Ronda, Montejaque, Grazalema & Villaluenga del Rosario, Spain.  

Atlas Maior welcomes opportunities for additional bookings, local media interviews, performance reviews, or other opportunities including educational workshops and demonstrations in Barcelona September 1st-5th.

About Atlas Maior:
Atlas Maior maps diverse musical traditions, placing Jazz, Middle Eastern, and Latin American musical idioms in dialogue with one another.  The group composes music that pays homage to the stewards of these traditions and their cultural and geographic origins. Band members Joshua Thomson (alto saxophone, flutes), Charlie Lockwood (oud), and Ted Camat (percussion) create a unique sound that balances intimate moments of sincerity with powerful melodies and incendiary rhythmic passages.  Thomson and Lockwood write original melodies exploring maqamat (the Middle Eastern modal system) and harmonic progressions of American jazz.  Percussionist Ted Camat applies a wide variety of rhythms and traditional percussion instruments including the Middle Eastern dumbek, Peruvian cajón, and Brazilian pandero.

In October 2015 Atlas Maior released their fourth studio album Keyif EP.  Keyif  received positive reviews and media placement from KUTX, Austin’s National Public Radio affiliate network, All About Jazz, World Music Central, UTNE Reader, Midwest Record and more.  Atlas Maior has toured internationally in Turkey and Spain, and has received  hometown recognition with the proclamation of “Atlas Maior Day” on March 27, 2014 by Austin’s City Council. They have opened for internationally acclaimed artists Vieux Farka Touré and Tal National, and have performed at music festivals including Wobeonfest, Art Outside, SXSW, and the City of Austin’s F1 Fan Fest.  The group has collaborated with a host of talented musicians in Austin and from around the world, including Atash, Fared Shafinury, Lou Lou Ghelichkhani of Thievery Corporation, Layalina, The University of Texas at Austin Middle East Ensemble Bereket, The Austin Global Orchestra and many more.

For more information, promo requests, or set up an interview, please contact:
Joshua Thomson, Silver Phantom Booking  
[email protected]