Hard Rock Cafe turns 46 with a bang!

Forty six years ago on June 14th, the Hard Rock Cafe first opened its doors in London. Today, Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona celebrates their birthday in true Hard Rock fashion – with burgers, beer, and rock and roll!

From 8 to 11 pm, Barcelona City FM’s best rock DJ Gavin Wotton from Modern Classics will be on the decks playing a special rock soundtrack to kick off Hard Rock’s 46th year of rocking while streaming live on Barcelona City FM 107.3.

As if this birthday celebration could get any better, Hard Rock Barcelona is also promoting a contest for two FREE dinners for two, and all you have to do to win is tweet @BarcelonaCityFM with the hashtag #BCNrocks. Winners will be announced Wednesday, June 14 at 5 pm!


A Bathing Suit Covered in Chest Hair-Is This Appealing?

Some say that swimwear trends come and go, but chest hair is forever! But is it attractive to wear it on your swimsuit? Maybe to some people.

This new clothing website Beloved now is boasting of their sales on their new “sexy chest one piece” that is printed with a quirky image of a man’s hairy chest on the front. The image shows such a realistic torso with plenty chest hair, even around the nipples on the front. This seem a little unattractive to see on a beautiful woman lying on the beach soaking up the sun. Some men may like it though. Sales have risen since they have launched the new piece because women are purchasing this swimsuit left and right. The new addition to Beloved  is offered at only 35 euros. It also can be ordered offline in sizes ranging from XS- XXL with many different skin tone selections. WOW! Make a variety of hairy chest suits, why don’t you?

I guess this new design is considering the way society accepts openly topless men on the beach, but do we want to see our women like that? This can possibly make a statement or it cannot. We shall see. You just might see one of these hairy chested women on one of your local beaches flaunting her stuff.

Barcelona City FM Celebrates Women in Tune

Today on Monday, we are celebrating women in the music industry who we love to listen to.  From artists such as Demi Lovato, Rihanna, all the way down to Whitney Houston and Britney Spears. Included in our playlist as well are women that will be performing at this week’s Sonar Festival.

How awesome is it to have a day of honoring the independent women that encourage empowerment, uplift ladies of all ages, and promotes living life to the fullest with no regrets? SOUNDS PRETTY GREAT! Make sure you are tuning in all day and you will surely hear all the songs that you love.


Instead of going to prison, you buy a hotel?

Despite Leo Messi being found guilty of tax evasion, he has proceeded to buy a four-star, €30 million hotel in Sitges. Wow! This major investment for Messi is a 77-room building, just behind the beach with a huge panoramic terrace overlooking the city. The hotel will be ran by the Majestic group, who curiously used their holding company Rosotel to close the deal.

It is very interesting that with recent events of Messi’s financial news, he remains in the media for making such a purchase. Jumping right back into life and spending money like it never happened. In regards to the location of Messi’s hotel location, Sitges is known as one of the area’s biggest LGBTQ communities. Is Messi trying to reach the LGBTQ or does he just like the area? Surely, he knows who his guests will be in the hotel, mainly tourists and the LGBTQ community.

The beach is an outstandingly beautiful area. We shall see how the outcome of Messi’s purchase will affect the area and the people of Sitges.

We met Gordi at Primavera Sound 2017

Photo by Savannah van der Niet

On a beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon at the CCCB we were delighted to get to know Sophie Payten also known as ‘Gordi’. Gordi was able to sing from the moment she could talk. She grew up in a musical family and at the age of two she sang “Who will buy” from Oliver. Has any 23-year old experienced so much in life as Sophie Payten?

We meet Adam Curley from Gold Class at Primavera PRO 2017

On a sunny Thursday afternoon at the CCCB we were delighted to get to know lead singer Adam Curley from Gold Class a bit better. With a Morriseyesque voice and a a post punk sound it’s clear the group have a big future ahead of them. Playing as part of the Australian BBQ, they were one of several Aussie groups featured at Primavera this year.

FAQs for Media training courses

Do I have to do the whole course?

We have designed the course for you to have the best possible chance of breaking into Radio. If you have already studied broadcasting or have a high level of audio production skills then you may wish to not attend certain sessions. Let us know what you would like!

Do I get a certificate at the end?

Yes we award all students that complete all 8 sessions a BCFM accreditation.

I want to study TV not radio can you help me?

Yes we will also be running a dedicated 8 week training course in TV presenting and production also very soon.

When is the payment due?

The best way to reserve your space is to pay in advance using PayPal. However you can also pay when you arrive for the first session.

If there is one session when you cannot attend if there is space the next day you can attend then instead. Please give us 24 hours notice of the change.


Primavera Kicks off with Free Show at Parc del Forum on Wednesday

Primaver opening

The opening day takes place on Wednesday 31st May in Parc del Fòrum giving the general public the opportunity to see several national and international bands live and totally free of charge in the early evening.

The British band Saint Etienne, great stylists of nineties electronic pop, hip hop from 7 notas 7 colores, Anímic’s new electronic textures, epic anthems with hints of afrobeats from Local Natives and modern folk by the young Australian artist Gordi will be the protagonists of this first fabulous evening of concerts.

Launch your media career from TODAY!

Do you want to launch yourself into the media industry this is the perfect course for you. Eight, 2 hour weekly, sessions where you will get a complete oversight of the radio industry and real hands on experience in the studio in every session.

Your trainers are international radio professionals that have been in the industry for more than 20 years.

Upon completion of all 8 sessions and the creation of your show reel as assessed by external industry professionals you will be awarded the BCFM radio certificate of excellence. You can choose to study further or we will support you in the distribution of your show reel to radio stations.

Frequency : weekly 2 hour sessions.

Number of students: maximum 8 people

Number of sessions: 8 Sessions for Radio Presenting and Production

Location, 67 Carrer Roc Boronat, Barcelona. 08005. 1 minute walk from llacuna metro station

1)      Timeline of radio to today 26/7/2017

            How did it all start? Transmitting from Luxembourg and then the North sea, what happened to AM? Why did FM grow to become the dominant technology. Why did DAB work in the UK but not in continental Europe? Why did DRM fail? What is the future for radio in Spain?

 2)      Radio strategy and formatting 2/8/2017

            Every station has a strategy but what need is it meeting? How can you identify what audiences want and if they are listening? Is radio still relevant for advertising, who are the competitors? Does the audience want chat or music? How does this affect the content strategy?     

3)      Music or talk? It’s all about the audience 9/8/2017

            Who is the target audience? What are their gender, age, music preferences and social interests? When are they listening and how can you engage with them? How can you adapt your style of content and delivery?

 4)      Working the mixing desk, microphone technique  16/8/2017

What are the basics of the mixing desk, microphone technique, music management, using recording and production software. How can you set up streaming software for both audio and video. Trouble shooting when you are under pressure.

5)      How to prepare your show and writing the perfect radio link. 23/8/2017

Every DJ is required to entertain or provoke thought in some way. How can your links put a smile on people’s faces whist still communicating the message you wish. Not all presenters need hours of preparation but having some content ready makes the difference between good and exceptional presenters. We show you how to prepare a show outline and content for your shows in the most effective way.

6)      Radio Presenting with power and interview techniques 30/8/2017

Once you have mastered all the basics above, it is time to fix any bad habits. All of us quickly develop annoying habits for the listener, overusing words, or repeating subjects. Talking too much or not enough. Allow us to listen to you and feedback any errors you are making.

Interviewing is an art form, getting the best out of guests, allowing them space to express themselves whilst not allowing an interview to become an audience loser. Friendly open questions and tough closed questions, we equip you to ask the right questions at the right moment.

7)      What to do after your show: Technical 6/9/2017

For many radios stations, more people listen to the repeat of the show than live. So achieving excellent distribution is really useful. We run through the popular options for music, and talk radio.

How to embed an audio player in your website. How to create a smartphone application. How to broadcast video direct to a facebook page, you tube channel, a web page or smartphone app.

8)      Marketing for radio 13/9/2017

Pre-show marketing, live marketing and post show marketing. Different social media serve different purposes. The importance of branding and community building. It’s time to get known.

Interested? Get in touch!  j.kent@barcelonacityfm.com

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Barcelona City FM presents: Kelpe

Barcelona City FM presents: Kelpe

In association with Bizzarre, Barcelona City FM presents Kelpe for one night only at our favourite DJ haunt, Garage 442

Over the last twelve years Kelpe has carved himself a unique perch in the UK’s electronic underground. A regular artist on imprints DC Recordings, Black Acre and more recently DRUT Recording, the man himself will be in town for Primavera week performing a rare DJ set for Barcelona City FM and Bizzarre. Intent to throw down his influences expect the bleeps & bass of classic Warp artists to the funk of Sly Stone as well as genre hopping from house and electro to alternative sounds, it goes a little something like this >>https://www.mixcloud.com/KELPE/ghawdex/

Co pilots include:
> Matt Bovey aka Satta B (BCFM / Palm Grease)
> D.N.S b2b Tottie (BCFM)

Check out recent radio show’s from the Barcelona City FM fam:
> Palm Grease: https://www.mixcloud.com/palmgreasebarcelona/
> D.N.S: https://www.mixcloud.com/groovecontrolbcn
> Tottie: https://www.mixcloud.com/Track_Family_Radio/

Join us from 21:00 kicking off the Primavera week in true party form.