Sant Joan Aftermath

This weekend saw the amazing celebration of Sant Joan for the capital city. This traditional Catalan event is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Perpignan, Saint Jean Baptiste. The highlight of the festivities were held on the evening of June 23, with kilometers of people filling the beaches. The event is celebrating the Summer Solstice,  the shortest night of the year, which creates a renowned electric atmosphere. The party usually begins during the afternoon and continues throughout the evening all the way until  sunrise, so be prepared to stay awake ALL DAY & NIGHT! There were many bonfires along the sands of the beach and families enjoying fireworks as they gazed into the night time sky.  Abigail Adoptie from BarcelonaCityFM told us the highlight of her night was watching the fireworks with an ice cold beverage and attending the clubs nearby. She also enjoyed being able to lay comfortab

ly with her friends along the ocean shore.

“The amount of children lighting sparklers and firecrackers on the sidewalk was so WILD! ” Alex, an intern at our station stated. She also said, “I loved the vibe that everyone was so happy and enjoying themselves in every way. My favorite part was meeting people on the beach and hanging out with them as if we knew each other. With this being my first time in Barcelona, that was a great night to remember for sure.” For first-timers or people who are from America, who would possibly compare it to their Fourth of July celebration. They are somewhat similar, yet very different in so many ways. An article on El Pais informed that more than eight hundred  clean-up crew members were needed to return the city to its normal spotless state the next morning.

We have added some photos for you to look at in case you missed it. But if you didn’t, WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!!!



There’s Still Good in the World!

A heartwarming moment of a  woman helping a stranger with his tie is giving people a reason to feel cheerful has been  swarming the internet lately. And we are very happy about this. Something in the news other than negativity.

The image was recently shared to on Twitter and shows a woman helping a young man sort his necktie out – he had apparently been struggling. Maybe it was his first time.Thankfully, the kind woman was on hand to help. The photo was taken on public transport in San Francisco, US. There’s still beauty in the world, and the woman is being rightly praised.

Either way, it was amazing to see someone that does not know this young man actually want to assist in teaching him a new thing that he can use forever in the future.

While it’s a touching moment, people are also obsessing over something else: the woman’s arms. It does look like she’s into the gym. Take a look at the picture above!

Discover TV Presenting, Producing and Editing in a week.

The world of TV is changing. Traditional broadcasters now have to present, design and produce their content with online audiences in mind. That is why we have created this training course to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Barcelona is the ideal place to develop your TV expertise whilst enjoying everything that the Mediterranean has to offer.

BCN Radio hub will host courses to cover all the inner workings of a TV station, both in front of and behind the camera. This includes presenting in and out of the studio, directing, producing, filming, and editing. We will work with you to create a video show reel by the end of the course. Participants will have the choice to declare a specialization, such as news or sports, so that the video reel will be tailored to each individual’s aspirations.

Trainers Include :

Ainoah Sorrosal: Newsreader on National TV

Arnau Ballaster : Producer for Barcelona TV and Producer of a number of ongoing major Television productions

Elena Trullàs : Director of Barcelona Radio Hub and Broadcasting Trainer

Jim Kent : Owner of BarcelonaCityFM

Language : this course is in both Spanish and English, with a native speaker trainer from each language present.

Two Course Options: 

One Week Intensive:

  • Start Date: August 17
  • Cost: €500

8 Week 2 Hour Sessions:

  • Start Date: July 12 (Every following Wednesday)
  • Cost: €500

Session 1

Introduction to TV. How did it all start and what does the future look like?

The world is changing away from channels so is there still a space for TV?

Who is doing what role ? Understand the importance of people in front of camera and people behind. How is Spanish media different from the UK and USA?

What is good and bad presenting,? You decide as we review videos of other presenters.

As with all sessions we will give you an opportunity to be both behind and in front of the camera and include a 5 minute face to camera recording in the studio per student per session.

Session 2

Visit to Betevé

Come and visit one of the leading TV production studios in Barcelona, meet the team and see behind the scenes. Learn the basics of TV camera operation. Understanding of focus, light, angles, camera mixing and editing.

Session 3

Reporting events from outside of the studio.

This session will take you out of the studio with a cameraperson and audio engineer.

Discover the challenges of working in a real -time Live environment, thinking on your feet and problem solving with only 30 seconds to spare.

Session 4

Develop your understanding of filming and working as a camera operator

This technical training session will include the many aspects of how to get the best filming results with the various cameras used in TV broadcasting.

Session 5

In front of the camera

This session we will develop your in front of camera skills and provide as much time in front of the camera as possible. How to mix studio and outdoor content. By the end of the session we will edit a 5 minute clip of you to take away and review for next week, What are your good points and your weaknesses. Don’t worry we have time to fix them1

Session 6

Internet based TV

Involves streaming to multiple platforms each of which have their own rules and technical requirements. It is time to get familiar with the technical side of exporting, live editing, streaming and camera mixing in real time. We will help you how to fix problems both behind and in front of the camera.

Session 7

Smartphone filming

Is a skill needed by all students. When you need to capture the action in front of you NOW. Interviewing techniques dealing with the unexpected. How to ask open and closed questions. When to interrupt. Good use of body language

Session 8

It’s time to go LIVE

The studio will operate as though it is in LIVE mode with each student getting the chance to be in front of and behind the camera.

At the end of the course each student will be given a show reel of themselves made from the content collected during the course.

(Additional sessions are available upon request including for Spanish speakers that wish to raise their English to broadcast level.)

For the latest availability, Fees and to book your place please email [email protected]

Barcelona Loves the 90’s

Everyone loves the 90’s!

Love The 90’s in concert is coming to Barcelona Friday July 7th! With a lineup of some of our favorite 90’s artists, we are so excited to see Gala, Vengaboys, Ace of Base, Technotronic and more.

Listen to us chat with Jordi, part of the marketing team over at Love the 90’s, about our favorite boy bands, the iconic Spice Girls, and more. Visit to buy your tickets now!


As we continue with this great summer, we have added a new show to our radio schedule! Now, every Wednesday evening from 6pm-7pm, we will be airing Zest For Life with hosts Matthew Anello and Vesna Gino. Zest for Life will be channeling all of their listeners who are empowered & inspired to begin or continue their journey to sustainable health, nutrition and conscious living practices. The time is now to be the best you and this radio show is perfect if you are looking to do just that.

Both Vesna and Matthew will be connecting with listeners to find ALL of who they are, not just their thoughts, but also their emotional landscape, body and soul purpose, and how that has an effect on the food choices they make. They will be encouraging to push for exactly what you want in life for yourself. Matthew has written a book called The Secret to Conscious Living to awaken people on why they are here and to discover their purpose every day. How inspirational, right? We all can agree that we need a little more positivity in our life and listening to this show every Wednesday will ensure that you will find out who you are and how to begin to living life to the fullest.

We, Barcelona City FM, will be airing the show live on our website: . You can tune into 107.3 if you are local , and Matthew & Vesna will be recording the show on Facebook Live as well. You do not want to miss the opportunity. Zest For Life will change you in way that you can’t imagine!

The British Dental Clinic awarded for services to the homeless

Congratulations to Dr. Alistair Gallagher from The British Dental Clinic of Barcelona for being awarded for his services to the homeless. The Rotary Club of Barcelona has recognized Dr. Gallagher for his selfless dedication to ensure that everyone deserves dental health, whether or not they can afford it.

The British Dental Clinic of Barcelona offers great service for all customers. One customer, Gigi Regina, has expressed her great experience: “Alistair and Jo were super sweet and talked me through the treatment…I think I have finally overcome my fear for the dentist”.

We want to know what you think about us!

Time flies! Since we started in December 2015, we have had amazing guests,  hundreds of shows and thousands of hours of music. The question is what have you liked and what would you like to hear more of. Please click on this link and take 2 minutes to answer our survey one person will be selected at random and invited to guest host our morning show!


Palm Grease at Hotel Pulitzer w/ ΩIII (Klasse Recordings)

Palm Grease is composed of Archie “Archer” Thomas, Dickon, David Burr, and Matt “Satta B” Bovey. This group delivers a great variety of club culture and radio and started their journey in Barcelona. They often organize many musical events around the city.

Palm Grease is deeply involved in the culture of vinyl and house and disc. We, Barcelona City FM strongly support their weekly programing here at the studio. They will be hosting an event this Thursday, June 15 at the Hotel Pulitzer-Barcelona. The event will be located on the amazing rooftop terrace of the hotel with drinks available between 7:00pm-12:00pm, also with special guest Omega III Klasse Recordings. You do not want to miss out on this awesome experience.

Oh yeah, LADIES… these men are pretty good looking, so you do not want to stay home tonight. And men, you know the ladies will be there for sure. Come on out and enjoy this night of great music with our friends, Palm Grease!

Barcelona City FM #womeninsonar2017

DNS and Tottie

Bridging the gender gap in electronic music and tech culture.

Since the very beginning, D.N.S at Tottie have been an integral part of the Barcelona City FM family. Tottie, one part of the Track Family trio and D.N.S keeping things underground with Groove Control and now heading up events for the station, both ride the online and FM airwaves every Friday night from 19:00- 01:00 providing Barcelona’s soundtrack to the weekend.

It was only a matter of time before the two joined forces and work on a project as prolific as #womeninsonar2017

Approached by Sonar and Sonar+D, the project run by Barcelona City FM presenters D.N.S and Tottie aims to create engagement and exclusive content from pioneering and emerging audio-visual female artists’ and tech creatives at Sonar Festival and Sonar+D in Barcelona this June.

The Barcelona City FM presenters are on site at all week chatting to some of the many great female artist’ performing at the festival this year including Yukimi Nagano of Little  Dragon, avant-garde electronic music producer Elysia Crampton, Barcelona based producer Yila who will be performing at Sonar by Night on Saturday, US R&B producer D△WN performing at Sonar by Day on Thursday, Bad Gyal, Jlin and Marie Davidson who will be performing “Bullshit Threshold”. Head of Music at Kickstarter Molly Neuman and Creative Diretor Emma Pueyo moderating the Managing Creativity roundtable and kicking off Sonar +D on Wednesday. 

Listen to their #womeninsonar2017 radio shows recorded prior to festival week.

dns tottie studio
D.N.S and Tottie in the studio with Georgia Taglietti and Antònia Folguera

Content throughout the festival includes 360 degree interviews with select artist’ courtesy of our production parters SAE Barcelona, a live Facebook stream with artist’ direct from Sonar by Day and a daily video dairy filmed during festival week, which will be posted on the Barcelona City FM Youtube and social media channels. A daily radio show will go live from a remote location at 22:00 CET so make sure you watch via the Barcelona City FM website, tune in via 107.3FM and engage on their social media channels.

Follow the girls Barcelona City FM Insta Stories and hashtag them #womeninsonar2017 #wis2017

First ever real estate special

We we’re delighted to have Raf Jacobs with Inspire Boutique Apartments. This was our first real estate special! Jacobs discussed with Jim Kent different ways to get the most from investing into the Barcelona real estate market.