What’s On Your Summer Bucket List?

Summer isn’t over just yet. You still have time to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. We know you have some interesting things that you want to accomplish and so do we here at Barcelona City FM. But we came across a particular summer bucket list that has been surfacing the internet.

Someone recently found a summer bucket list inside an Urban Outfitters changing room and posted it on Twitter. It is quite something, a real medley of activities.

We see this person is anticipating star gazing and camping in the back yard sit alongside taking pictures for Instagram and “getting drunk all the time”. Sounds pretty normal. But reading more into the list, the young lady wants to create a pretty adventurous summer. I wonder how far she have gotten on completing these goals. It’s also kind of funny and interesting to see that she wants to “take 8 hoe pics for Instagram’ and ‘get a boob hickey’? GIRL WHAATT???? You must really want to get CRAZY this summer. LOL!

A lot of it is very amusing, and has been reminding many others of their youth shopping for Ray Bans and going on road trips.

Some of the list has already been checked off. The author has already got ‘a little tan, decorated their room, made a summer playlist, and hooked up with Jacob. We checked in on the twitter account of the friend that posted the list and she has confirmed that her dear gal has been living life to the fullest.

We , at Barcelona City FM want to know what your summer goals are. Whether it is sitting on the beach with an ice cold mojito or skydiving out of an airplane. No summer goal is too small or too normal. As we all continue to enjoy the awesome weather and soak up the sun, be sure to LIKE us on our Facebook page and let us know what your summer bucket list consists of. 🙂 We want to hear. Maybe we’ll add it to our list.


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YAY! The Barcelona Beach Festival Is Upon Us

Are you ready for the most epic beach festival of the year?

OH YES, I KNOW YOU ARE!! This festival is one of the greatest EDM experiences here in Spain. Beginning Saturday night and turning up all the way until Sunday morning, you will have the chance to enjoy some of the best artists that electronic dance music has to offer. Awesome appearances by Armin Van Buuren, Axwell/Ingrosso, Martin Garrix, Neil, and Marsal Ventura.

Everyone who has experienced this night loved every second of it. You know we’ll be there rocking out with you all. The beach will be full of concert goers and the parties during the night will be top of the line! Enjoy your summer and never forget this night! You have to go. You can purchase your tickets on the Barcelona Beach Festival website or on LiveNation.


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Like It or Not, Tourists are the Lifeblood of the City

Barcelona has been one of the top tourist cities in the world and is continuing to stay on that list with a rapid growth of tourist traveling to the area. But it’s not something that the citizens of Barcelona are too happy about. The city passed a law this week to curb tourism as visitors have begun to overwhelm the city and anger the local residents when trying to live their normal life. Last year, the city’s 1.6 million residents were heavily outnumbered by an estimated 32 million visitors, about half of them were just day-trippers. The new law comes after more than 25 years of relentless promotion of the city as a tourist destination, and coincides with a planned “occupation” on Saturday of La Rambla, a street that has come to symbolize what many view as the excessive and unsustainable number of visitors.

Barcelona Urban Neighborhood and a few other organizations have organized community associations under the slogan “Barcelona isn’t for sale”. The protestors are calling for an end to property speculation, which is pricing residents out of the city, and to low-wage jobs in tourist service industry.

Even though we can understand that the residents want to keep their peace of living, it is also hard to regulate tourism in a whole city. It also is not a bad thing. Think about it! The tourists that are visiting, are bringing business and revenue to the local restaurants and small company owners. That is a way to keep the city going and provide money to the business that possibly need it. In a way, tourists are helping the community. It is understood that the city may be packed, citizens may not be able to enjoy their attractions here because it is full of tourists, but it would not be realistic for the city to completely dismiss tourists from coming into the city. There are pros and cons to everything.

A few citizens that are apart of the Neighborhood Assembly for Sustainable Tourism describes the negotiation as “very frustrating”. While taking a survey the was carried out by the city, residents voted that their biggest concerns was tourists invading their privacy and living.

We will hope that in the upcoming months once the summer ends, the citizens will feel a little more comfortable with the situation. Barcelona is a beautiful city as we all want to enjoy it.

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Have We Gone Too Far in Our Quests for Tans?

Coca-Cola has been reported to have many uses, but according to dermatologists, this one is the most dangerous of them all. It’s summertime and we all are in quest of receiving a beautiful bronzed look for our skin. Typically, lying on the beach under the beaming sun works just fine. For some, going to the tanning salon works as well. Clearly, they are continuing to come up with new ways to tan without really tanning in a bed or under the sun. How much more creative and weird can you get?

People are now pouring Coca-Cola on their skin to advance their tanning. Over the years, Coke has proven to be one of those drinks that are being put to other uses outside of the ‘beverage’ category. It is said to clean rust of surfaces and it apparently makes an effective toilet cleaner. These uses have now raised a question “should we therefore be putting it inside our bodies?” Yes, we may drink it, which knowing some of its possible uses may encourage us to stop. But pouring it on yourself to create a tanned look could be too far.

Allure Magazine has told their readers that if you apply this beverage to your body just like you would apply tanning lotion, it will help with the UV rays and create a bronzed look for your body. We’re not sure if that is true or not, but some of us, like myself do not want to find out. Coca-Cola contains a high number of acidic dyes and chemicals that can destroy your skin cells and seep into your skin. Sounds a bit crazy because we drink it, but think about what is happening inside your body. WOW! You never thought about that until now, right?

Would you try this new beauty technique? I sure would not. Definitely don’t want to risk the factor of pouring something that dangerous onto my body. Maybe we should all stop drinking Coca-Cola all at once? HMMMM! BUT IT’S SO TASTEY & REFRESHING OMG!

I think I will stick to drinking it with my meals rather than suggesting it to my friends as a beauty tip. Even then, I will still be thinking of what it could do to me when I ingest it. Oh well! Going for the Coca-Cola at my backyard barbeques and picnics. PSA: DO NOT POUR COCA-COLA ON YOUR BODY… WE WILL LOOK AT YOU LIKE YOU ARE CRAZY! And you will definitely be sticky. HA HA

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