What’s on in Barcelona

Here at Barcelona City FM we’ve teamed up with Love Barcelona to provide you with up to date, insider information on the social events in Barcelona. You can check this page for a run down on the top ten things to do every weekend and you can listen to our weekly show on 107.3 every Friday at 12.00 also posted below


Friday 19th January

Picasso in Barcelona – Not literally! Unfortunately the infamous artists passed away, but his work lives on and his brief stints in Barcelona transformed his style – Which is exactly what the current exhibition focuses on

‘F*ck in progress’ – Teatre Nacional de Catalunya €6, 20.00 – A dance that communicated eroticism, sensuality, sex and fetishism to audience through the movement of body and which has already won the Premi de la Críticia award for the best choreography

Farewell & Hello Otto Zutz Party – Carrer Lincoln 15, 23.59: Did you know Erasmus had a timetable? Well now you know! The first phase are leaving this weekend and the new phase are moving in. Whatever the case it’s going to be emotional for them in this 3 story hip hop club of Otto Zutz

Ski trip to Andorra – 19:00: meeting point in plaza espanya: €125 per person for hotel, breakfast and a 2-day skiing pass – simples

Saturday 20th January

Beer Festival – Comte D’urgell, 21, 11.00 – 23.00: An all day Saturday beer festival. You’re welcome.

Rumba on the streets – Carrer de la cera, all day:  Live concerts, talks, performances, classes and just general festivities celebrating this Colombian dance and music style

Graffiti project at the Mercat – Mercat de Barceloneta – 1400: Five graffiti artists are to create a piece of work on the shopfront shutters at the Mercat de la Barceloneta, recreating the history of the neighbourhood

Barcelona Improv Group, A New Day – Creu dels Molers, 17 Tintat Roja – 20.30 €10: Watch talented, creative and imaginative actors create comedic and meaningful scenes from cues and improvisation – A mediating theme of change will be prevalent across all scenes. Not to be missed!

Sunday 21st January

Sant Antoni Correfoc – Av de Mistral, 46 – 19.40: There’s actually a group called The Devils of Sant Antoni who have organised this firerun… I dont know what they do the other 364 days of the year but tonight is their night!

Polaroid Bar – Lost in translation screening -Carrer Còdols, 29, – 21.00: Cool bar, cool film, cool Sunday evening – A perfect trio! Watch one of Bill Murrays finer films in this neon lit bar with a cana and hot dog for 5 euros!

Beach Clean & Dog Walk – Barceloneta Beach – 12.00: Do you feel like being more environmentally conscious this year? Or perhaps you’ve always been? Ever wanted to make the Earth a better place to live with your dog? Well, todays your lucky day .- Nearly 100 people have confirmed to walk along the beach collecting plastic and rubbish whilst walking their dog. All you have to do is turn up and join!

Cursa Sant Antoni 2018 – 10k run – 09.30 €16 : 10k run as part of the festa major. If you think you’re fit enough give it a try. Their website plays weirdly depressing music though.